August 11 and 13, 2016 — Last session in the garden

This was our last week in the garden. It was a little sad to wrap up such a great summer.


Best of luck to all the O’Keeffe Garden Project interns this year!



August 3 and 5, 2016

Hello everyone, it’s Destiny back to tell you about the great day in the garden. It was nice and cool to do some weeding to help out the plants. There was also a lot of harvesting to do. We picked carrots, beans, bell peppers, all kinds of lettuces. It was great to see all the food we planted come this far. Also, how far this incredible crew has comes to pull off making the best happen for a big garden. I’m Destiny signing off.

July 27 and 29, 2016 – Harvests, soil health, and botanical drawings

Hey, it’s Elizabeth! We harvested both Wednesday and Friday and also had guests on both days! On Wednesday, Mike Myer came back to talk to us about the need for nitrogen in soil.  We learned about all the protein found in legumes, and that we are doing a pretty good job on keeping up with adding the much needed nitrogen to the soil in our garden.

On Friday, Sarah came back and we drew/colored pictures of our favorite parts of the garden. I love to draw so I really enjoyed that activity.

After a week away from the garden, I got back to see more progress and growth. There were many things to harvest this week: lettuce and other greens, cucumbers chile, a watermelon.


Corn stalks. Drawing by Destiny.

I’m glad to see that another very hot and productive week has gone by; hopefully it’s not as hot next time!


Beautiful harvest, beautiful faces!

July 20 and 22, 2016 – A terrific week!


This was such a terrific week! We had two guests who were wonderful. Mollie [Santa Fe Botanical Gardens and our program’s creator] came by and helped us get rid of the horn worms. We have found many of them on our tomatoes and chile. On Wednesday we harvested a lot. We got to take home different types of lettuces, carrots, beets, tomatoes, beans, and basil. I went home to make a delicious salad. Natalie and I planted some more carrots and “white egg”, which is another eggplant. Nina’s daughter came to stay with us at the garden, and she was very helpful. she found a baby lizard, which was adorable. We missed Elizabeth and sent her a picture of us.

Friday was such a hot day. It had everyone drained. We did lots of bug patrol this week. Donald Martinez [NMSU/Rio Arriba County agricultural extension agent] came by and taught us new things like new remedies to get rid of pests. Bugs are a big issue this year. He talked to us about his job and really wants younger people to get involved in agriculture and pursue a career in it. It was very interesting to lean about. The garden continues to look great. It is great to have Isaac back from Australia! Another terrific week done. Until we meet again — Rique.

July 15, 2016 – Harvesting and a scavenger hunt

Hi, my name is Natalie. This is my first year working in Miss O’Keeffe’s garden. Today was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot. We weeded for a bit, then we harvested, and deadheaded some chives. We harvested some chile and some bell peppers. I love harvesting. While we were deadheading some chives a photographer came to take pictures of the whole group. She was really nice and kind. Before we took pictures we had a break, then we took the photos.

Nina, our supervisor, she kept making us laugh. It was really funny. We didn’t have a presenter today, so we did an activity in the shade since it was so hot today. There were riddles and we had to find fruits or vegetables that the riddles were talking about.

I think out of the day I enjoyed harvesting and the activity most. But I really didn’t enjoy was the sun, it was an extra hot day. But other than that . . .

. . . it was another great day in the garden.

July 13, 2016 – Deadheading and thinning

Hello, this is Elizabeth. It’s my first year as an intern here at the O’Keefe garden and today was a pretty interesting day. First we started off weeding, as we do pretty much everyday. There were also a lot of carrots growing too close together so us girls thinned them out and also harvested beans. We saw A LOT of baby squash bugs and tried to kill them all. The boys worked on deadheading and collected seeds from the chives.
We also planted sunflowers and cilantro, I hope they grow! Then everyone left except for Natalie and me. We had to make up hours so we harvested herbs! It was pretty easy and they smelled very good. And that was pretty much today, until next time!


July 8, 2016 — Cabbages, hollyhocks, and strawberries

Hi this is Bryan. I am first-year intern at the garden. Today I planted cabbage, pulled weeds and picked squash bugs. We also had a guess speaker [Cristina Salvador, Santa Fe Botanical Garden] talk about the study of plants.